What about the turkey?

 The poor forgotten turkey. Each year it seems to get skipped over faster than the year before. One minute your trick-or-treating. The very next day you find yourself watching the target lady, dressed as an elf. Fa-la-la-ing and rum-pum-pumm-ing on all your local tv stations.

 Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas!! I mean what’s not to love! Seriously. There’s the smell of pine within our homes, the glow of holiday lights surrounding us and if you have one, the crackle of a fireplace. Just the music alone during the holidays puts joy in my heart. And even though it’s winter there’s a cozy warmth that simply can’t be denied around this time of year.

 But what about the turkey? We tend to push the turkey to the back. We must not forget about the very day we should be thankful for the smell of pine, the holiday glow, the fireplace crackle, festive music and cozy warmth.

 We find ourselves thankful for our families, jobs, health and football. Thankful for the turkey itself, the trimmings and the desserts that fill our bellies. We are blessed with pies that align the kitchen counter. Apple, pumpkin, pecan, chocolate crème. Thankful for the couch we lay upon to digest such delicious tastes we just scarfed down. And for the time off of work we received to spend with family near and far.

 We are thankful for things that go above and beyond the realm of sight and taste. And I know we appreciate them more often than just on Thanksgiving Day. Is that why we tend to forget the turkey and go right into Christmas? Perhaps. Or maybe it’s the fact that everyone panics thinking they need to get everything done before Christmas day arrives. Maybe it’s Pinterest’s fault. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the excitement alone that the holiday season brings where you just can’t help it.

 Either way it’s not wrong. As long as you continue to remember the true meaning for these holiday’s.








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  3. Becky says:

    Very well said! My thoughts exactly!

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