Car rides, Cornfields and Crosswords

It’s Friday.  A wonderful, sunny, warm Friday.  I wish nothing more than to leave work with excitement knowing I have some cool plans.  Maybe some cocktails with my girlfriends out on a patio somewhere.  Or perhaps a nice dinner date with my boyfriend.  Of course neither is going to happen because for one, I’m at the age where all my close friends are married or with children and can’t just get up and go as they please.  And two, I no longer have a boyfriend.  

I’ve been keeping busy for the most part.  During the week after work I go walking. This is great because it clears the head and keeps me fit.  Win-win situation right there!!  By that time I get home which is around quarter to eight or so, I start some laundry, make a quick bite to eat and watch a little TV before calling it a night.  I’ve also recently re-introduced myself to one of my past addictions.  Crossword puzzles.  I can’t seem to get enough of them!  Seriously, I used to buy the TV guide solely for the purpose of the crossword puzzle in the back and well….we’ll just leave it at that.  Anyway back to my meandering thoughts.  Because of the walking, laundry, dinner making, TV time and crossword puzzles, I haven’t had much feeling of boredom and/or restlessness.  But today is Friday, it’s gorgeous outside and it’s hitting me like a brick.  Maybe it’s because I’m reading on all my networking sites about everyone’s fun and exciting plans.   Maybe it has nothing to do with that at all.  But either way, I don’t want to sit home.   I want to go do something.  What’s there to do when you’re flying solo and still call it fun?  Shopping??  Who has money for shopping?  Not this girl.  Dinner?  Not really a fan of sitting in a restaurant eating dinner alone.  Could I do it?  Sure.  Have I done it? Yes. Do I want to?  Not so much.  If anyone has any ideas for me, I’m open to suggestions.  Otherwise I’ll be planning on taking a little ride to nowhere specific, down the country roads filled with cornfields and then back home to do more crosswords.  An exciting  finish to my wonderful, sunny, warm Friday.  Right?  Right???

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