Poems.  I love poems.  Why, because they all have meaning.   What I love is that a poem can mean something to the person who wrote it, yet can mean something completely different to someone else and still have effect.  Poems are powerful, in many ways.

My boss came into the office not too long ago and showed me a poem his son wrote. I fell in love with it.  It was such a simple poem, yet it showed precisely just who he, Mason, was as a person.  I took it upon myself, after reading the poem, to submit it into a poetry contest. I’m pleased to say he recently received a letter stating his poem has been chosen and will be published in the National Book of Poetry.  For a 10 yr old, that is a huge accomplishment.  I hope it keeps him open to write more poetry.  What a wonderful way to release ones thoughts.

Here is the poem Mason wrote:


I am shy and intelligent

I wonder if cancer will ever have a cure

I hear my friends cheering me on

I see hope

I want to type faster

I am shy and intelligent

I pretend to be the best lacrosse player ever

I feel happiness

I touch the ocean

I worry about homeless people

I cry when children die

I am shy and intelligent

I understand that ms. Counts rules

I say be kind

I dream that world hunger will end

I try in school

I hope for peace

I am shy and intelligent

– By: Mason Keeney (10 yrs. old)

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