A Moment To Remeber

Another commercial about flower deliveries, handmade pictures and breakfast in bed.  Hugs and kisses are given freely from children honoring their moms.  Celebrating all she has done for them throughout their existence, no matter how old or young they are.  What a delightful day for many.   And I will do the same.  Honor my mother for so many reasons I can’t even begin to list them right now. 

But at the same time, while I’m celebrating and doting on my mom, I will be thinking of all the wonderful ladies that for numerous different reasons, cannot celebrate.  I suppose they can celebrate their moms but they themselves cannot be celebrated.  We often forget about those who struggle with infertility, those who have a lost their child to a tragic accident or those who simply were never given the opportunity to be a mother.  And for those women, mother’s day is a very large reminder of what they don’t have.  Those hallmark commercials on TV, the endless advertisements on the radio; these could be torture for some.

So while you are celebrating with you mom or while your children are celebrating with you, try to remember the women yearning for that same moment you’re in.    The woman pumping her gas could have had her little boy taken away from her by a careless drunk driver.  The woman taking your order at your celebration brunch could have just spent her last penny on an IUI/IVF treatment that has failed her yet again.  And the woman standing in front of you at Starbucks, simply wasn’t given the opportunity to have a child.  The odds just weren’t with her.  Try to remember that even though you may be a mom (Happy Mother’s Day if you are), not everyone is.  And the slightest bit of compassion can go a long way.  ❤ ❤

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