Story Time

As a kid, I enjoyed many types of books.  The Bernstein Bears were one of my favorites; as was Richard Scarry’s big book of rhymes.  But the books that took the cake for me were the Sweet Pickles books!!

I believe my mom purchased one through QVC (mom was huge on QVC back in the day).  It was one of those purchases where they will send you three books or something and if you like them, every month you’d get a few more.  I couldn’t wait to get my new Sweet Pickles book every month.  After reading the first three and seeing how the third was just as enjoyable as the first, I knew the forth, five, sixth and so on were going to be just as great!

Some of you may be asking what is a Sweet Pickle?  If you’re thinking it’s a series of books revolving around food, you will be disappointed to hear that it’s not.  Sweet Pickles is nothing more than a a fictional town. Its residents are a group of animal characters created to instill basic values, ethics and social skills to children.

There are 26 Sweet Pickles animal characters, one for each letter of the alphabet and each with an exaggerated human personality trait. They all live in the Town of Sweet Pickles, squabbling and squawking, but somehow they manage to get along — an important message.

Kids can recognize themselves in the funny little mishaps of these lovable animals. Goof-Off Goose (I would have to say she was my favorite out of them all) , Worried Walrus and Loving Lion are just a few that get into – and out of – life’s pickles. That’s why they’re called Sweet Pickles. Just because a pickle is a problem doesn’t mean it can’t be handled.

There were 40 books in the series and I was lucky enough to have every one of them!  If you have never heard of Sweet Pickles and you are an adult, I’m sorry that you didn’t get to experience these books as a child. But the ever revolving life of sweet pickles is still turning so even if you missed out, your children don’t have too!  They currently sell Sweet Pickles books on Ebay and Amazon.  YAY!!   Purchase just one and I can guarantee you’ll be hooked!!

Happy Reading!! 

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